Today is an interesting day :PP
First lesson, English Lesson,  got a crappish result for a graded assignment. What the hell, all mdm choo's talking i don't understand anything..
Then geography i got scolded for not completing my geography worksheet. Sad life huh? 
But something really happy is that, i always improved on my speed for 2.4km run. This time i improved by 1minute! Unbelievable.. 
I am expecting our computer lesson's animation project to be done.. I want to do a good job for it.. I like doing these kind of stuff :D
Homework is plainly shit sometimes.. Some homework just wastes your ink and teachers don't give a damn about it..
Tomorrow there's CCA. But it's a slackish day, CC and PT. Hehehe school life goes up to heaven and down to hell very oftenly. That's life.
  K nights all~

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